Feedback from Academic Portfolio website workshops

JUNE 15th & 16th, 2021


Positive feedback

  • Very useful, good to be able to switch between different applications, time and space to adapt to own needs
  • Was very clear and easy to follow along, even though I was behind initially
  • Use of GitHub, telling us to install/prepare beforehand saved a lot of time, great format - learned a lot already
  • Really useful, can see how I will use it
  • follow along parts useful, good pacing, WordPress critique helpful, ejoyed Q and A breaks a lot (great job!!)
  • Good choice of platform, easy to use, good instruction
  • Cheatsheet is good, clear and well paced.
  • The paper handout with the flow of how parts connect was helpful

Critical feedback

  • a bit messy at times
  • Nothing yet
  • The only thing that was slightly unclear to me was: why wowchemy?
  • could be useful to dive into GitHub Desktop for 15-30 minutes
  • Digital handout with tools and examples could be cool
  • Establish relationship between sites/software at beginning (to better remember where to pick up later)
  • Downloading GitHub really worried me - projects, issues etc. Had no idea what I was going to use it for.

Afternoon Session

Positive feedback

  • Great workshop - very interesting and easy to follow (and fun!). Found it very worthwhile
  • Perfect step-by-step instructions / learning by doing approach, really helpful
  • The session has been really informative and useful. I’ve learnt heaps. Can’t wait for the next session. Thanks, Matt!!
  • I learned it for the first time. Thank you. It was helpful.
  • Great pace, great explanation, very well prepared. I fell empowered and really enjoyed this. Thank you!!

Critical feedback

  • I wonder what happens if we push something wrong. Can we retract it at that level. Also, a little intro to command line.
  • Follow up notes, hand out of pipeline could be useful. List of options for themes etc.
  • Perhaps include a handout with basic step-by-step instructions of how to set up another website (i.e. steps we did during the first 20 mins or so of the workshop )
  • Can’t really think of anything . . . maybe sending out a link to what the ‘academic’ template includes, looks like beforehand so we know what elements to have prepared?
Matt Plummer
Matt Plummer
Senior Research Partner

Digital interpreter with a background in the arts and technology.