Colliding Worlds

screen shot of network visualisation

The primary objective of the project is to present a dynamic, interactive network of Virtual Reality participants, collaborations, projects, seminars and sessions. This would be facilitated by utilising and repurposing a custom built network visualisation tool developed as part of a Spearheading Digital Futures project showcasing work in the field of Virtual Reality here at VUW. The prototype can be seen here: This iteration of the project would serve two key purposes. Firstly, it would collate and present an overview and detailed information of . So a new member of the community could have an interesting, interactive way of seeing what Virtual Reality has done over the past few years. Secondly, it would highlight the cross-disciplinary nature of the community and show key areas of activity across the university. The idea would be to have a year-on-year view of events, outputs and collaborations. So you could see activity for different years.

By presenting data relating to Virtual Reality activity in a way that allows a single view of collaborations, cross-disciplinary events, projects, written and recorded outputs in one space. This tool can literally visualize the people and events that have shaped the community. It also gives an opportunity to uncover potential collaborators. It would also provide a way of reviewing past sessions and inform new offerings.

Matt Plummer
Matt Plummer
Senior Research Partner

Digital interpreter with a background in the arts and technology.